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Step by step jewelry making with springerle molds

At I Love Springerle we love to make cookies with you and bring you many innovative ideas. You'll see this brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea here first!

A step-by-step easy way to make antique looking bronze necklace pendants using springerle molds.

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First gather all of your items: you will need...

get items ready springerle pendants

Baby powder, Modeling Clay (aka paperclay) I like the Hearty brand, a cosmetic brush, gold paint, disposable gloves, and most importantly a nicely shaped springerle mold. Today we are using the Four Hearts Valentine's mold.

dust springerle mold with talc, springerle pendants

Next take a generous amount of talcum powder, I put some on the counter and push the brush in it. Apply to the mold, making sure to get in the crevices. Quick note: Make sure to apply powder in between pressings so it won't stick to your mold.

grab a ball of paper clay, springerle jewelry

Take a bit of paper clay and make a ball out of it...

press the paper clay pendant into the springerle mold

press, smash, squash, push it into the mold...

carefully remove paper clay from springerle mold, necklace pendant

Work your way all around, lifting the edge before you carefully take the pendant heart impression out of the springerle mold.

*At the end, remember to clean your mold and let it dry thoroughly before putting it away.

get ready to trip the heart, springerle heart pendant

Great! Now get ready to cut around the heart for a nicely shaped pendant for your necklace. Use a small kitchen or paring knife for this.

smooth edges gently with fingers, how to make springerle jewelry pendants

It looks a bit scraggly at this point. While holding the pendant, carefully take your fingers and smooth the edges without loosing the nice shape you just worked so hard for.

Put the hearts out to dry overnight on a paper towel. In the morning you can trim the back to you liking and sand any rough spots before painting.

Next is painting:

I used the brand Liquid Leaf Metallic paint in the color Renaissance Gold with great results. This paint is messy and smelly. Make sure you have ventilation, working outside or by a window is good. This is what I did, I put down some newspaper and paper towels, put on non-latex gloves and shook my paint to mix it. These beautifully little pendants have lots of nooks and crannies. I decided to forego the paintbrush and use my fingertip with the paint. It saved so much time and clean up was much easier this way. Just make sure you have gloves on!

I attached a bail to the back using a two part epoxy. After 24 hours I had the most amazing Old World Style bronze heart necklaces with the best detailing. It was also a joy to know that these designs were carved by hand centuries ago. Tradition never looked so pretty.

With love,


I Love Springerle


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  • Donna on

    These are so beautiful! What a clever idea and use of your lovely molds.

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