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NEW!!! Springerle Mold styles are coming to I Love Springerle

New springerle molds are being added to our inventory here at I Love Springerle. We are planning to carry many rare House on the Hill brand springerle cookie molds as well.

Early in January, we are expecting to add some wonderful new molds and lots and lots of hearts for Valentine's Day. Get ready to bake some beautifully detailed and oh so pretty springerle cookies.

This one is called 4 Diamonds and is a brilliant use of fondant on this cake.

This one is the Sentimental Heart with an extra heart in the middle. The flourishes of the border with the old fashioned floral arrangement makes a big, bold impact. I see this border in gold and lots of colors (will have to make one up and post it here for you all later) Very romantic.

Oh my joy when I found out I could get this teeny, tiny gloved hand springerle. These cookies are well worth the effort. So cute with a victorian flair. The finished cookies measure 1 1/2 by 3 inches or smaller because I believe that is the mold size. There is a custom copper cookie cutter that comes with these that you really, really need. Save yourself some time and effort.

Well, that's the short list of my favorites on their way with many more delightful additions expected early this January. I'm wishing you a Happy and healthy New Year.


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