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How to make a perfect "foot" on your German Springerle Cookies ~ The Secret Step

Just look at the foot on this springerle cookie

foot on springerle cookie

For awhile now I've been baking many recipes and trying out techniques to make a perfect foot on the bottom of my Springerle cookies. Typically a flat foot with a brown inner square is pretty easy to achieve. But what I'm talking about today is a raised foot that has seemed to be missing from most American springerle and found on all German springerle. My mind awash with springerle dreams and failed attempts and then eureka. My husband can attest to much jumping up and down when I figured it out.


Here is the secret step:

Wet the bottom before baking. Yep, that's it.

First, dry your springerle on a towel or place them on the parchment lined baking sheet for a full 24 hours to make sure the pretty patterns on the top do not bake out, however do not lay down the anise seeds just yet.

Next, take the cookies off of the baking sheet and put them on a plate or kitchen towel. Get a small kitchen wash cloth or a couple of paper towels and get them wet. Make sure to wring out the excess water, but no too much. You want it wet but not soaking. Put this on plate.

Then take the anise seeds and scatter them on the parchment lined cookie sheets. With dry hands (it's very important not to get the edges wet) take a cookie and tap the bottom twice on the wet cloth or paper towel. Now place it on the seeded baking sheet. Thats it! The moisture will cause the bottom to expand at a different rate and DOO DOO DOO DOO (insert horn music here) That elusive German springerle foot is born.


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