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How to get your Springerle mold order shipped anywhere in the World

Whether you live in Sweden, Australia, or Taiwan, here's how to get your Springerle order on it's way to you without much trouble. Since we only ship within the United States here is an easy solution to have your House on the Hill™ Springerle molds shipped directly to where you live. Use a package forwarding service!

Look online for a shipping courier in the U.S. who ships directly to where you live. There are many package forwarding service companies out there, and some specialize in only one location. Find one that fits your needs and sign up, then order with us and use your address for billing and their address for the shipment with your name at the top. It's pretty straightforward. Also, we never charge for shipping and handling so your only cost on that will be with them. 

To all the springerle lovers out there across the globe, have a wonderful time baking and have the most excellent springerle baking experience. All the best!

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