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Fast and Easy Springerle in less than 60 minutes? Quick Shortcut Recipe

Is it possible to make a quick springerle cookie while still keeping the pretty image intact? The answer is YES!, and I have a nice little recipe that takes less than 60 minutes. Whoa! I just blew my own mind.

While this isn't a traditional springerle recipe, it is a nice golden buttery cookie that is tasty and smart on time. They turned out pretty decent and we were happy with the results. We ate these up pretty quickly and shared some with our neighbors, very soon they were all gone. 


Ingredients for a quick springerle cookie recipe super easy

Super Fast Springerle Cookie Recipe
Heres what you will need for this quick and easy recipe:
1/2 cup butter softened (leave a stick out overnight, avoid the microwave)
3/4 cup sugar
1 medium or large egg (too much egg makes springerle puff up during baking)
1 Tbsp milk or cream
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla or preferred flavoring oil
2 cups flour (level the top with a knife for an exact measurement)
Scroll down for the easy instructions with images.
Bake at 350 degrees in the top half of your oven for 7 minutes
rotate cookie sheet
Turn oven down to 300 degrees for the final 5 minutes or until done, with a nice golden bottom. (this keeps them from puffing up) Total baking time is 12+ minutes.
Cool the springerle cookies on a rack for a few minutes before taking them off of the cookie sheet.
Keep in mind that this is a relatively small recipe making approx. 18 cookies or so depending on the size. Recipe can be doubled.

Getting ingredients ready ~ making springerle cookies

Using a wooden spoon cream the butter until light and fluffy. I like to do this by hand. If using a mixer use the lowest setting.

Cream the butter by hand I Love Springerle

looks good, now add the sugar and mix

add the sugar

it will roll up on itself into a ball when ready

springerle cookies by hand

add the egg and flavoring then mix until blended well

add the egg I Love Springerle

add the milk and mix

add a generous pinch of salt to the flour

pinch of salt I Love Springerle

add the flour to the creamed ingredients and blend

how to make springerle cookies by hand ~ Quick goof proof recipe

at a certain point i do the rest by hand (with clean hands of course)

 Knead the dough until it comes together well, a minute or two. Wrap in saran wrap and chill the dough in refrigerator for 30 minutes or more.

refrigerate that springerle dough I Love Springerle

 Notice this shape for quick chilling and easy rolling later.

After chilled, divide dough in half for rolling, put other half back in fridge (super important: you must keep the dough cold for the best impressions from the springerle molds.) Turn on your oven. Preheating is very important.

rolling pin best springerle recipe

flour surface and rolling pin and roll dough, not too thin, thicker is better

dough rolled not too thin for springerle

flour the springerle cookie mold generously and use a pastry brush to scrub out (gently) the flour. Important! Flour the mold before each pressing.

This is the gorgeous 3 Rosettes Springerle mold by House on the Hill. click the image for more information

Springerle cookie molds 3 rosettes flour well in between pressing for good release

Press straight down. I was taking the picture but what you would normally see is my left hand flat and my right hand on top of that one and pressing firmly straight down. It takes some strength.

pressing springerle mold onto cookie dough at I Love Springerle House on the Hill

before lifting off, take a sneak peak to see if you are satisfied with how deep the springerle impressions are. More pressing is needed here for what i wanted

springerle pressing

a second press and it looks good. You can use cutters or a small rolling wheel pastry/pasta cutter for the shape. Flour them first. Lift out gently with a spatula and place on a cookie sheet lined with baking parchment paper.

cut around springerle images to make a nice cookie how to

Tip: in-between rolling the second half of the dough, always keep the baking sheet of cookies in the fridge to maintain the designs on the cold dough before baking.

put springerle cookies in fridge to keep cold before baking tip

Here is a second way of using the springerle molds for great, deep design impressions. I want these cookies to look gooood.

ball of springerle dough another way to use springerle presses for cookies

Roll a ball of dough a little larger than the springerle design on the mold

place it on the cookie mold and have some fun squashing it 

nice and flat, while still being thick

looks good springerle making cookies

ok, this part is a little fussy with this springerle technique. Go around the edges of the cookie using your fingertips while gently lifting to create a lip. Then carefully take the cookie off the House on the Hill mold.

carefully peel at edges lifting dough off of springerle mold

Here's a nice one

3 rosettes House on the Hill Springerle cookie impression

and another, this works great.

The final plate of cookies, minus one or two. They look and taste really good and all in under 60 minutes. That includes it all prep, bake and cleaning time. Although the designs baked out a tiny bit, I'm still pretty impressed with how they turned out. What do you think?

Shortcut easy springerle cookie recipe from I Love Springerle House on the Hill

The bottoms came out a wonderful golden brown.

golden brown bottom of fast springerle butter cookie recipe

The thickness difference of the two styles in pressing. The thicker one is the ball technique and the thinner was with the rolling pin. Both came out just fine with the exact same baking time, same baking sheet but the thinner ones were crispier.

different thicknesses of springerle cookies

Creative art form in baking. These really are little works of art in my opinion. 

three rosettes house on the hill i love springerle 1

three rosettes house on the hill i love springerle 2

three rosettes house on the hill i love springerle 3

After, you have made a batch of these quick springerle cookies, I hope you have a little fun tweaking the flavors a bit.

For Orange:

use orange juice instead of the milk

add 1 Tbsp zest

For Almond:

add 2 ounces almond paste and remove 1/4 cup flour

Tip: flavoring oils always, always taste better than extracts.

Come back often for some fun new ideas. Let me know if you have a particular interest you would like me to blog about. I really cannot thank my customers enough. I love springerle and springerle baker's so much, they really have the warmest hearts and the best smelling kitchens.

With much appreciation,










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  • Shanny on

    Hi Sarah, This recipe works well with all flavoring oils and anise is a definite favorite. Try LorAnn flavoring oils for a rich mouthfeel and depth of flavor without the bitter aftertaste that extracts can sometimes have. The oils really are the best!

  • Sarah on

    I remember my great grandmother making these the long way. I was wondering about the anise flavor. I would love to try the short cut way but I love the anise flavor.

  • Bernard Farrell on

    Looks yummy, I’m going to try this recipe over the weekend. Thanks.

  • Phyllis on

    I also use the method of a ball of dough flattened into the image on a mold or board. Then, I turn the mold over and they plop out perfectly, with a perfect image every time. You can also cut any image in any way or shape you want without messing up the others.

    I love Springerle so much and, still, right now, I have no time for it. I am so glad someone worked up a great shortcut to these fabulous cookies. These are lovely and this, short, easy recipe just may be a “life-saver” for me!

    Thank you, Shannon.

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