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Cream Cheese Butter Cookie Recipe ~ Test Kitchen Troubleshooting

Can the springerle molds be used with the Cream Cheese Butter Cookie Recipe

springerle small santa made with cream cheese sugar cookie recipe

This question comes direct from customer Pam C. in Memphis. What a great question for the test kitchen at I Love Springerle. The answer is Yes! You will not get as good of an impression as with the basic springerle recipe but I found with a little care you can get very, very close.

Keep in mind what may work for me may not work for you. This is just what I found to be true.

Making the dough:

After creaming the butter, cream cheese, sugar and egg it's best to mix the flour in by hand. Wash your hands first of course. This avoids a cloud of flour made by your mixer.

*With the first batch I chilled the dough overnight and took it out to roll. Three hours later and a cathartic amount of hitting my dough with the rolling pin it still wasn't ready to roll out, so I don't recommend it.

Separate the dough into two parts and place in a covered bowl. Set a timer for 60 minutes.  

Two methods were tried using the springerle molds to make the designs imprint well. One worked much better with this dough. 

springerle dough molded small santa

As you can see the one on the right is much less sharp and was pressed on rolled out dough. The one on the left is crisper much more defined image and here's my fun little way of doing this.

First take a piece of dough from one of the chilled balls:

chilled dough sugar cookie

with a sugar cookie it tends to break apart rather easily. 

Roll into a ball with hands:

roll into a ball dough

Flour your springerle mold generously and press dough with fingers, palm of hands, patty, pat pat until it is flat and smooth.

Flip over on hand and gently, ever so carefully wiggle the mold off of the cookie. This takes practice, remember this is a butter cookie so the dough will be much different. It is more fussy, but well worth it if you want the taste of a shortbread.

removing the springerle mold on the small santa

I used the small santa springerle mold, so charming, and you can see the bits of lemon rind for extra flavor. Remember to use flavoring oil instead of extract, it really makes a difference in a well developed sensory experience. Oh, I almost forgot, cut rough edges off with a knife. Make sure you flour the mold well in between each cookie pressing.

Do not miss this next step!! It's very important to chill the cookies in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to baking. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 12 minutes until bottom shows some golden brown.

Carefully transfer to cooling rack (a flat metal spatula works best for this) and allow to cool before handling. Then store in an airtight container.

Small santa springerle butter cream cheese cookie recipe

And Voilà! A beautiful sugar cookie adapted for springerle molds. No small feat. This adorable little guy is the small santa cookie mold. Perfect for serving to guests and family. 

Well, I hope this helps you to have the most success in your baking adventures especially with new recipes. I want you to have FUN. Please send me pictures of your springerle cookies. I love to see what you are baking for the holidays.

All the best,


Oh, just a note. If you feel the dough get too warm in your hands after a while feel free to pop back in the refrigerator for a bit. That is why I separated the dough into two balls I keep one in the fridge while working with the other and the molds.

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