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A happy change of Season ~ Welcome Fall

Yummy gingerbread hearts.

Fall is here and there's nothing quite like the flavors of cinnamon and molasses. As August heat hit its peak, I began to look forward to cooler afternoons and all of the wonderful tastes and scents that come with them. This anticipation is no doubt familiar to many.

I always spend the Summer dreaming about that first crisp Fall day, when the humidity finally relinquishes its hold upon us, and Autumn’s pretty light makes everything outside shine. That much-anticipated day when it’s time to preheat the oven and bake, with it's comforting aromas of spices fill our home. I decided to start with some pretty little gingerbread hearts to welcome baking back into my home. It's time to get out your House on the Hill™ springerle molds and decide what will you bake first?


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  • Shannon, I Love Springerle on

    That’s one of my favorite molds. I’d use the Sturdy German Gingerbread recipe if you are making ornaments because they are quite, well sturdy and will last a long time. The ones in the above picture were glazed for the photo. The molded gingerbread cookie recipe will be a nice for snacking on. Hope this helps and thanks!

  • Sarah Melling on

    I bought the double acorn mold last year and am ready to make some fall cookies, too! There are beautiful gingerbread ones on the House on the Hill website, but I’m not sure if I should use the “Sturdy German gingerbread” recipe or the “molded gingerbread cookie” recipe…any recommendations? Thanks you!

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