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A Brand New You Tube Channel created just for you at I Love Springerle

Hello Everyone,

We've been hard at work here at I Love Springerle making a brand new YouTube Channel! 


The vision I had was to help my customers get a good feel for the sizing of the molds. Also, you can get an idea of the weight and nice cookies that each design makes to better prepare for your baking and crafting needs.

Here is a link to check out our click>> wonderful springerle cookie videos at YouTube

The first four videos feature the Baroque Owl, Petting Zoo, Monogram Frame, and Parquetry Patterns springerle cookie molds. Which ones do you want to see next?

I'd love to hear if you have a specific thought for a video and will do my best to bring you interesting and fun cookie ideas.

Want to help get our baby Channel off the ground? Please like and subscribe, that will really help and keep us motivated.

Much appreciation,


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